Sunday, 1 April 2012

Home Alone

What is it they say? 

Absence makes the heart grow stronger or some such nonsense?! 

Well, let me tell you, it doesn't make it stronger, it makes it ache and ache and ache. The Love of my Life, Mr. McEllis has been working in California for the last 10 days and he's HOME TODAY! It's been a long, long, long 10 days - He is the effervescence that fills our home and without it I am like a beanbag without the stuffing....flat (apart from THAT video on Facebook but that's a whole different story....I blame vodka!).

Awaiting Hubby's arrival...

In His absence, I have been ably looked after by a number of friends (Thank you Kay, Mark and Paul for the garden centre trips and the alcohol both of which are VERY necessary in life!!!). The weather has been nothing short of wonderful and it has been a joy taking the Kids out to the park in the evenings/weekends for walks in the unseasonably warm Spring sunshine....much fun they have had too....!

Millie-Moo gambling like a (fat) Spring Lamb...

Once again it's Millie that takes up much of this chapter. With Dad No. 1 being away she has all of a sudden realised that there's another Dad in the house. I have never had so many cuddles, licks or so much love and attention in all the time we have had her (which will be 2 years in August!). It will all end with the return of Himself tonight, but bask in it I have and will, until he crosses the threshold and Millie once again forgets who I am and I revert, in her mind, to 'the Lodger'.

Pile On!

Walking with Millie just gets better and better and she is getting braver and braver. I now let her off every time we're in the Park unless there's a situation that makes me less confident and then they remain on their leads - too many other dogs, football players by the hundred, etc, etc. She has been brilliant this week without Him Indoors and I now know that she will obey commands given by me. Only the other day a fox crossed their path in the cemetery and they both shot off at full pelt after it. I shot off at full pelt after them screaming their names.....Millie stopped, sat down and waited for me....Maximillian Sydney Bruiser McEllis did not!

There's a fox behind that tree!

Something else that has come out of Millie's improvement and being off the lead is how many other dogs walkers have noticed and have commented. There has hardly been a day recently where someone hasn't said something along the lines of "Oh wow, she's off the lead, how fantastic"....very heart warming it is and it just makes me even more proud of her (have I told you I'm very proud of Moo and how brilliant and fantastic she is?!?!)...

My wonderful, marvellous, fantastic 'Kids'...!

Little Maximillian has been his usual mad, loony, crazy self. He's never been short of cuddles and love and has continued to hand it out in abundance. It may be my imagination, however in Dad 1's absence Max has turned up the cuddle-o-metre and I've almost been smothered on a daily basis. Not that I am complaining of course - getting a cuddle from one of my dogs is heaven on earth.

Daddy's Little Cuddle Monster

I mentioned above that Millie will have owned us for two years in August. Well, in February Max passed his 2 years with us (I can't believe they're both 3 this year!!!!!!). As he gets older, Max definitely gets more gobby, confident and full of himself, he's a brave little soul and has no real fear - he'll protect Millie and Us at the drop of a hat. He is Max, hear him roar!

Maximillian at 5 months-ish...

All in all, it has been a brilliantly successful weeks with the Kids. I was dreading letting Millie off the lead on my own but I did it and she performed excellently. I really am going to bore myself with this soon but Millie IS amazing at the moment so apologies for the constant references, I will get over it eventually - I'm just so bloody happy for her! It will be interesting to see how she performs next week when we are on a beach in Cornwall with the God Children (we're VERY excited and can't wait to see Jemima and Ferdi) and their dog, Daisy......will she keep up the good work??? *Watch This Space*

Our FANTASTIC God Children.....and Us.

Now I need to go and prepare the home for my Hubby's imminent arrival....Me and the Pups are all very excited....M&M have taken up their places in the front window already!

I shall leave you with Max and Millie's favourite YouTube video:

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