Sunday, 18 March 2012

7000 hits!!

WOW, never ever did I think that when I started this little blog about Max, and then Millie, that I would one day reach the dizzy heights of over 7000 hits! I am truly grateful for everyone that visits and takes a peek into the lives of our two canine Lilliputians......from Max and Millie a HUGE thank you for taking an interest.

7000 and rising.......!

What makes it even more incredible is when you realise that this blog has only been going since February 2010 when little Maximillian Sydney Bruiser came to us. In comparison, the  Hens in the City blog (administered by my handsome Husband) has been going since September 2008 and has achieved 7150 hits, so we really have been steaming ahead...(no, this is not a competition, it's not, it's not!)....

To celebrate - let's all boogie on down to a bit of Madge.....enjoy!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Playtime & Progress

We really honestly do have the best little dogs in the entire world, without doubt (Biased? Me?). They're both such a pleasure and a joy, bringing unconditional love and happiness into our lives each and every day. Be without them we would not!

My wonderful Family

Max continues to be the loyal yet ever so slightly bonkers little lunatic that we have come to know and love, however it's Millie that is soaking up the limelight at the moment. As you will be aware, we have been concentrating over the last 18 months on getting her to walk on the lead without ripping other dogs throats out and also, one day, letting her off the lead with Max so that they can both have a run around. Well, we have yet to reach the 'not ripping out throats' stage, BUT.............*drum roll*.............we have reached the letting off the lead stage....and how wonderful it feels to see our little 'Moo' running around in the park with Maximillian, just wonderful!

Miss Millie-Moo McEllis

We are (ok, ok, I am) getting braver by the day and now Millie is off the lead almost as much as she is on it. We've also introduced a new rule when walking them so that they are both on or off the leads at the same time which will hopefully have a positive effect on both dogs, being treated the same at the same time. Another positive effect of this new found freedom is that now she's getting more exercise our little Pudling is starting to lose some of her porkiness and becoming rather svelte and even more beautiful....

Princess McPretty

Last weekend we caught up with our good friends Bella and Muffin (Carole and John) who live in Ashtead, Surrey and own a lovely little fishmonger in the village. If you live in the area check them out as their seafood is fantastic!!! You can see their website here - Bella and Muffin are owned by two dogs, Finley and Archie who are nothing if not boisterous!!! Finley is a Scottie and Archie is a Westie and they are old friends of Maximillian Sydney Bruiser, however Millie had never met them before.....until Sunday!

The Gang!

After the initial confrontations (mostly from Millie *surprise surprise*) everyone got on very well. While we were there we took all the dogs to Ashtead Common for a walk and they had a good scamper and run. As you can see from the above picture, we took the decision to let Millie off and let her have a good time with the others although I was just a tad nervous. I needn't have been, Millie pretty much led the way and the Boys all obediently followed Her Ladyship without any problems at all!!!

Millie admiring the handsome Aix galericulata!

So.......we most definitely have proper, bona fide progress and we could not be happier. It's been a long road with Millie and there are still some areas that need a little bit of fine tuning (ripping out other dogs throats springs to mind!), however we are getting there and she is brilliant and we love her and she's amazing!!!!!! Maximillian Sydney Bruiser McEllis continues to be the most lunatic of little dogs with the biggest heart and his only desire in life is to do nothing but play, play, play....what could be better than that?!

I'll leave you with the Adele/Daft Punk remix we are currently addicted to - a summery track for when the evenings are warm and barmy, you have a cold drink in one hand and the person (or dog!) you love and adore in the other.....enjoy!