Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Christmas Message from Max & Millie

Incredibly it's over 30 years since the phrase A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas was first used to try and get the message across in the UK……..alas, it seems we are still saying it.

We. Will. Get. You. For. This....

At Christmas time many parents think that the perfect way to reward their children is with the gift of a Dog, although these days it's more of an iDog methinks. Yes, parents will perhaps want to reward their children with a puppy and the vast majority of parents will have thought long and hard about what is involved and hopefully they will have considered re-homing rather than forking out on pedigree breeds or going to the dreaded puppy farms! We still need to reinforce this message to everyone, not just parents wanting to give their child a pet.

Is that a Reindeer I see Dad???

Millie knows only too well from her own experience that London has its fair share of stray dogs. Max was the innocent victim of a household that was not suitable for any pets, never mind a tiny 16 week (ish) old puppy. We will never ever forget where Max and Millie came from or that we are privileged to re-home them with us. In fact, they weren’t re-homed with us, we were adopted by them and I, for one, feel extremely lucky that I am in their lives!

The Grinch!!!!!!

When we are entrusted with the precious life of a Dog, or indeed any pet, we take on a great responsibility. However, with that responsibility comes enormous joy, happiness and learning. A dog that is loved, cared for and treated well will return unconditional love in abundance and will become a companion, a member of the family and as many will tell you, a trusted confidante…..(Oh the secrets that Max and Millie could tell!!!).

What did I do to get re-homed with you?!

Please remember that A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas.

Millie's festive fleece is a "snug fit"......!

Max and Millie will be giving their annual donation of foody treats to the local 'not so fortunate' waiting-to-be-rehomed dogs of South East London.  We hope that in the very near future each and every one of them finds a wonderful "Forever Home" just as Max and Millie have done.

Santa's Little Helpers!!!!!

Festive woofs and licks from Maximillian Sydney Bruiser and Millicent Hermione Oprah McEllis xx