Sunday, 18 March 2012

7000 hits!!

WOW, never ever did I think that when I started this little blog about Max, and then Millie, that I would one day reach the dizzy heights of over 7000 hits! I am truly grateful for everyone that visits and takes a peek into the lives of our two canine Lilliputians......from Max and Millie a HUGE thank you for taking an interest.

7000 and rising.......!

What makes it even more incredible is when you realise that this blog has only been going since February 2010 when little Maximillian Sydney Bruiser came to us. In comparison, the  Hens in the City blog (administered by my handsome Husband) has been going since September 2008 and has achieved 7150 hits, so we really have been steaming ahead...(no, this is not a competition, it's not, it's not!)....

To celebrate - let's all boogie on down to a bit of Madge.....enjoy!

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