Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy New Vet!

2012 has started pretty much the way 2011 ended.....quietly! For this I am very thankful as I am still not quite up for a 'manic hell for leather' personal life. It's nice at the moment to be spending my weekends thinking about doing lots of things instead of actually doing them. I'm sure it's a seasonal thing and when the weather warms up so will I but until then, allow me to indulge in a blanket, a dvd, my dogs and a comfy sofa....if Max and Millie can do it, why can't i?!


Did I mention that we were going to France for Christmas with the dogs and that we didn't go? Did I? We were going to be staying with our wonderful friends 'The ShazzaNackers" and it was going to be tres French. Anyway, as we didn't see them in France we caught up with them recently and the dogs received a little gift. A little dog shaped Parka coat. It's hilarious seeing it on Millie as she's a tad 'podgy' and it doesn't go all the way around, unlike Max who wears it with pride and it's a perfect fit!

Lady about town.....

They haven't been out in public in the parka yet as we normally walk them in the dark due to working, etc and what's the point of having a new coat to show off if no one can see it?! Talking of seeing the dogs in the dark, I've bought them both new flashing harnesses which, although functional, aren't as 'flashy' as I thought they were going to be but at least we can now see the little buggers when they're scampering around the cemetery at night - unless of course you're Maximillian Sydney and you run off and disappear for way too long and give your Dad a mild heart attack until you return with mischief written all over your face!

Mischief (un)managed!

Overnight and this morning saw the first real frost of the Winter arrive in London and across the country. How lovely it was to wake up knowing it was actually cold outside with ice on the top of the chickens' water and pond and the leaves coated in a prickly white glow. Hubby was at work today so me and the dogs went for an early long walk, stopping off at the new Neighbourhood Veterinary Centre ( opposite Peckham Rye to register M and M as we're not best pleased with the previous vet! What a place...very modern and stylish with a coffee bar and a decent pet 'toy shop' from which I purchased a couple of treats for 'The Kids'. I have high hopes for the new vet and I feel confident that they will deliver.

Words fail me!

All in all I think we walked around 4.5 miles and very pleasant it was too when you consider that every dog we met Millie wanted to rip the throat out of - there were a LOT of dogs on Peckham Rye this morning all gambling around in the frost so Millie had quite a choice! However, we had a really good walk and as I type both dogs are curled up in front of the fire unable to move as, thankfully, they are both absolutely knackered! It's a rare moment of peace and quiet in the McEllis household and I am enjoying it.

Frosty paws on Peckham Rye

Finally, Hubby is not well. He's gone and got himself a chest infection and apart from looking rotten (in a handsome, man-about-town sort of way) he sounds like a drag queen that's been on 60 Woodbine a day!!! Max and Millie are doing their best to give him medicinal 'doggy cuddles' and it seems to be working......

'Medicinal' Millie

I'll leave you with my current favourite record by a young lady that SHOULD have won the X Factor, but didn't - the fabulous, soulful Rebecca Ferguson and a track that has been remixed by the mighty Seamus Haji - turn it on and turn it up *hands in the air*...

Monday, 2 January 2012

Bonjour from Cheshire.....

As you will recall, Max and Millie (and their adopted Dads) were really looking forward to a French Christmas, with French food, in a French house, feeling all French, in French, I mean France!!!! At the last minute our plans were pulled from under our (almost) French feet and we very quickly realised that we could not go. A number of issues presented themselves which meant that we were to stay in the UK. 

Are we there yet Dad???

Understandably, both Himself and myself were very disappointed, considering how long we'd both been looking forward to it and also how we'd been boring everyone that wouldn't listen with the "Oh yes, we're going to France for Christmas, it will be the dogs first Christmas abroad"stories...In the end it was almost inevitable that the choice we made was the best choice under the circumstances and so, with Max and Millie strapped in, the cases packed and a tank full of petrolicals, we made our way Oop North, to my Hubby's homeland, to Cheshire, to Nana's House.

Millie soaks up some rays at Nana's...

I have to say that our Christmas was, after the initial disappointment of not going to France, quite lovely. As soon as we found we weren't going Husband called Bunbury Village butcher who the family have known forever and got a fresh Goose, a huge lump of Gammon plus all the other essentials (we were of course going to do a Supermarche à la Francais!). The kitchen went into overdrive as my Man prepared sausage rolls (3 different kinds no less!), mince pies and other festive treats - all of them delicious! Yours truly got it into his head that he would cook for 5 people (Brother in Law & Wife and the lovely Aunty Joannie came over) and do main course AND dessert, which went surprisingly well, no tantrums or stress attacks....not one.

Mincemeat Treacle Tart à la Me!

Although we have been back to the house a few times since Mum died it was still a little sad however I am more than positive that I had a visit one afternoon or more accurately, Millie had a visit with me sat there like a 'window licker' (no offence Window Lickers!) saying out loud "Mum, are you there?".....if she was there, she didn't respond....she probably just laughed and that what a numpty I was!!! Still, we made it very festive ensuring that the house had the 'Ellis touch' with the old decorations coming out - the mini gold tinsel christmas tree on top of the TV has to be seen to be believed.

A small Sherry of an evening...

We did some amazing walks with Max and Millie. On Christmas morning they were adorned in their Christmas collars and we took them to Delamere Forest which is fast becoming a favourite place of ours to take the dogs when we're in Cheshire. Well, you've never seen so many people in silly hats and dogs strewn with tinsel, santa hats and the like!!!!! There was me thinking that Max and Millie would stand out from the crowd in their festive outfits....I was sooooooo wrong!!!!!!!

Millie, Max and Mr. Bracegirdle on Christmas Morning

We ate and drank like Lords-a-Leaping and we enjoyed ourselves so much that we had to call Aunty Kay, who was looking after the Girls, to see if she could do it for a couple more days as we delayed our return as long as possible. Needless to say, Max and Millie make us realise how much we need the countryside more than we do a life in London. I would be extremely happy to be able to offer them the country life but our jobs are here so until we win the lottery we won't be moving far.......yet!

Millie at the Cheshire Hunt on Boxing Day

All in all, despite the last minute change of plans, we had the best Christmas in Cheshire with Max and Millie, we really did. Perhaps 2012 will be a French Christmas, but let's not be making any plans just yet, eh chuck?! I'll leave you with my current favourite track by the fabulous Mr. Patrick Wolf - it's dancey, it's romantic, it's bloody brilliant.....!!!

Happy New Year from Us All!