Saturday, 14 April 2012

Bow Wow Wow Kernow!

As our gorgeous friend Heather (Mother of our God Children) said to me, "In the last blog you say how much you miss your Hubby while he was in the USA and then, only two days later, you bugger off (she didn't actually say 'bugger') to Cornwall without him!". Erm, well yes, this is sort of true, I DID go to Cornwall on my own, however I still missed him....honest! ;-)

It was a small plane!

On the Tuesday evening before the Easter weekend, I flew from Gatwick to Newquay in a little propeller plane ( are brilliant!) to spend a couple of days with the God Children in deepest, darkest Cornwall while Him Indoors was at work - he couldn't get the days off and so I saw an opportunity for a long weekend in Cornwall and quite frankly I pounced on it......wouldn't you?!?!?!

The view from my bedroom window

For two entire days I had the FGCs (Fairy God Children) all to myself which was absolutely splendid. We had tons of fun, we played, we laughed, we rock-pooled, we watched films, we ate sweets, they beat me up, they woke me up in the morning by bashing me over the head with a plastic baseball bat, it was blissful. 

Off to The Mount.....

Early on Good Friday morning we were all joined by Hubby and Max and Millie. The other FGF (Fairy God Father) had arrived and the Easter weekend fun could truly begin. The dogs LOVED the beach and ran, played and generally had the best time. Millie is now off the lead more than she is on it and it continued whilst in her little bum went while she explored every rock pool, every pebble - Millie had fun!

Millie and The Mount

Maximillian Sydney has been visiting Cornwall since he was a little puppy so the beach held no surprises for him, but all the same he showed renewed enthusiasm for a game with Daisy (the official FGC dog) or annoying Millie, as is his way. Both dogs were brilliant and it was marvellous to see them both off their leads running around having lots of doggy fun!

Max and Daisy on the beach

While we were in Cornwall I experienced a first in my life, something I have never done before and something I really want to do again.....

The FGCs have a 'Secret Garden" 

In the Secret Garden there was a bonfire

On that bonfire we toasted marshmallows
OMG!!!! They're marshmallow-tastically amazing.....YUM, YUM, YUM!!!

Give me that Marshmallow Jemima!!!!!!

As it was Easter, we decided that on Easter Sunday we would find a suitable place and have an Easter Egg Hunt (because Easter is all about worshipping the God of Chocolate, non?!). The FGC parents identified a truly wonderful place called Prussia Cove (which is incidentally where they got married - it's a beautiful, romantic place!). We walked for a while along the cliff edge, watching Fulmars skimming past, spotting seals and of course letting the dogs have a good run around.


We reached a 'point' on the cliff that used to be a chapel (just ruins now) and we 'hid' the eggs for the FGCs to did not take them long! I am of the opinion that children have a built in radar for all things choccy-related and will find them instantly.....the FGCs sure as hell did! 

To the victors, the spoils.....

When we go to Cornwall to visit the FGC Family we always, ALWAYS have a brilliant time. There's always fun to be had, adventures to have and tons and tons and tons of love being shared in abundance......

Says it all really.

I'll leave you with my current favourite record from the brilliant Gossip...

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