Sunday, 5 February 2012

Will it snow, won't it snow.......?

Yes, it bloody well did snow!

I awoke this morning to a good 3 or 4 inches (much more than I usually wake up to!), it's like I went to sleep in South East London and woke up in Narnia. It is gloriously white, snowy and lovely out there. It's a little soft under foot so I'm not convinced it's going to be around for long. Getting to work tomorrow should be interesting!! I just wish people would remember that this is snow, not some impenetrable forcefield which means that your life comes to a's snow.....grow a spine you alarmist people of the media, it's called Winter for a reason!!!

We have snow!

As you can imagine, the urge to go out and 'play in the snow' was a hard one to ignore and so I literally dragged Hubby out of bed, we harnessed up the dogs, grabbed the cameras and off we went. I think the only thing that kept Himself going was the thought of getting back home to the fire, a cup of tea and a sausage butty. 

Max enjoyed himself!!!

We took the dogs to Camberwell New Cemetery, where we nearly always take them and as soon as Max was off the lead he was possessed. Absolutely, completely and utterly possessed, a loony lunatic (no change there then!). He was charging here and there, jumping in and out of the deeper bits, he really thoroughly enjoyed himself. He even tried to 'catch' snowballs......

Max takes one in the face!!!!!

Millie, being the less mentally energetic of the two took the snow in her stride and continued to concentrate on looking for local wild creatures that she could kill. This of course included any other dogs!!! We let her off in the tennis courts and had a bit of a scamper around in the snow, she seemed to enjoy it.....

Fun, fun, fun!

Talking of Millie and letting her this and be IMPRESSED!!!!!!

Can I have a drum roll please.......

It's taken what feels like a very long 18 months to get to this stage, but at this stage we are and I am very, very, VERY impressed with Millie-Moo....she is such a star! Obviously these are very early days in 'letting Millie off' but it can only get better methinks! I'm pretty sure it helps that she is so faithful and dedicated to her Dad, she adores him and the bond they have is very clear to see. I am one very happy Dad No. 2!!!

Millie walks to heel as well.....!


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